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GAME RULES : New York Trip

Article I: Organization

The company 3 BRASSEURS CANADA INC, Quebec Enterprise Number 1166881301, whose head office is located at 1255A rue Crescent, Montréal, Québec H3G2B1 Canada (hereinafter the « Organizing Company »), is organizing a free game with no obligation to purchase which will take place from June 6 2024 at 11 :00 a.m. to July 3 at 11 :59 p.m. inclusive, eastern times and dates being authoritative, in the form of QR codes to scan in regards to the conditions listed in article V below in 3 BRASSEURS restaurants, entitled "ALOHA" (hereinafter the "Game") .

Article II: Conditions of Participation in the Game

Participation in the game is open to any person on the date of their participation, residing in Canada. (hereinafter the ‘’Participant’’).

Persons under the age of majority, persons working for the Organizing Company, the Organizing Company’s advisors and, more generally, all persons having participated directly or indirectly in the development and/or realization of the Game are excluded from participation in the game.  

Article III: Terms of Participation 

To participate, each participant must, during the participation period:

  • Go to one of the 3 Brasseurs (3 Brewers) restaurants in Québec or Ontario
  • Scan the associated QR code on one of the tables, during a visit in on of the 3 Brasseurs restaurant
  • Follow the instagram page associated to the restaurant you are currently in 


Article IV: Procedures for Designating and Informing Winners

On July 16, 2024, a draw will take place among all the people who have followed the Instagram pages

assigned to the 15 3 Brasseurs restaurants

Article V: Description of the Prizes

The game is endowed with prizes and these prizes are distributed as follows: 

  • A trip to New York worth $2727.00
  • A $750 3 Brasseurs gift card
  • A $250 3 Brasseurs gift 

(hereinafter the “Prize”)

The Organizing Company cannot be held responsible if the discount cards are not distributed in the restaurant.

The prizes may not by the subject of any dispute of any kind on the part of the winners.  Each prize awarded is strictly personal and nominative in such a way that it cannot be transferred or sold to a third party whatsoever; it may not under any circumstances be the subject, by the Organizing Company, of a refund in cash or of any exchange or of any rebate of its total or partial retail value, in kind or in cash.   It is non-transferrable and cannot be sold.  In the case of an unforeseeable event, the Organizing Company reserves the right to replace all or part of the listed prizes with a prize of equal value.

Article VI: Terms of Delivery and Use of the Prizes

Each Winner will have 10 days following the draw date to collect their prize.

It is specified that the Organizing Company will not provide any service or guarantee related to the use of the prize, its only obligation consists solely of making the prize available to the winning Participant in compliance with conditions for the delivery of said prize indicated above.

In the event that the winning Participant does not want or cannot, for whatever reason, take possession of or benefit from all or part of the prize won under the conditions described in these rules, they would be deemed to have waived the full benefit of said prize and may not claim any compensation or consideration from the Organizing Company in this respect.  Under this circumstance, the Organizing Company will then reserve the right to reallocate the prize.

Article VII: Legal Delivery and Claim

These rules can be downloaded and viewed free of charge online at the following link, https://www.les3brasseurs.ca/en/aloha-game-rules/ on our website.

Article VIII: Compliance with the Conditions of Participation

Participation in the Game implies the unreserved acceptance of these rules in their entirety.   The Organizing Company reserves the right to verify the accuracy of data provided by the Participant.  Failure to comply with the conditions of participation covered by these rules and, in general, any inaccurate or misleading statements, any fraud, will result in the disqualification of the Participant.  No communication will be given, either verbal or written, concerning the interpretation or application of these rules, procedures of the Game or the names of the winners.

The Organizing Company reserves the right, for any reason whatsoever, to shorten, extend, postpone or cancel the Game or to modify the conditions of access and/or the operating procedures.

Article IX: Intellectual Property

All denominations or trademarks mentioned in these rules as well as any communication medium relating to the Game remain exclusive property of their author or witness.

Article X: Responsibility

The responsibility of the Organizing Company is strictly limited to the provision and delivery of the prizes actually and validly won by the Participants according to the conditions indicated in Articles III and IV of these rules.

In general, the Organizing Company may cancel all or part of the Game if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, in particular by way of a computer in the context of the participation in the Game or the determination of the winners.  The Organizing Company reserves, in this case, the right to not award a fraudster and/or to prosecute the perpetrators of this fraud before competent courts.  However, the Organizing Company cannot incur any liability of any kind vis-à-vis the Participants as a result of any fraud committed.

Article XI: Force Majeure and External Events

The responsibility of the Organizing Company cannot be incurred, in general, in the event of a force majeure or fortuitous event beyond its control (in particular, a health risk or technical problems, etc.) disrupting the organization and management of the Game, such that it would be shortened, extended, postponed, modified or cancelled.

For the purposes of these regulations, force majeure means any unforeseen, insurmountable event beyond the control of any person likely to release them from their liability or commitments, according to article 1470 of the Civil Code.

. Without this information, the participation is invalid. 

The data is kept for a period of one (1) year from the end date of the Game.

The information will not be transferred outside of Canada. 

Article XII: Settlement of Disputes, Applicable Law and Allocation of Jurisdiction

If one or more stipulations of these rules were declared null and/or not applicable, the other clauses would retain all their force and scope.

The Participants unreservedly admit that the mere fact of participating in the Game necessarily subjects them to provincial laws, in particular for any dispute that may arise as a result of the Game that is subject of these presents or that would be directly linked to it, without any prejudice any rules of conflict of laws that may exist.

Any dispute arising during the Game will be the subject of an amicable settlement attempt between the Organizing Company and the Participant.  No dispute will be admissible two (2) months after the closure of the Game by the Organizing Company.  Failing agreement, the dispute will be submitted to competent courts in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil procedure and Common law.

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