Classic Beers

Available on tap at each of our locations

IBU 18 | ABV 4.7%
A blend of malted barley and wheat. Light and refreshing with subtle acidic notes.
IBU 24 | ABV 5.2%
Refreshing and flavourful this thirst-quencher offers subtle fruit notes.
IBU 60 | ABV 6%
Golden, boldly flavoured with american hops and a distinct bitter style characterized by notes of citrus and spruce.
IBU 26 | ABV 6.2%
Well-balanced, smooth and bold, a special blend of pale malts give this its distinct colour.
IBU 28 | ABV 4.8%
A subtle blend of fine roasted malts gives this beer its ebony colour and deep, rich aroma of chocolate and roasted coffee.